Summer 2017 Registration

Summer 2017

  1.  Look over ALL the options for summer classes and camps.  So much to choose from!
  2. Click here to go to the registration system to register online in our new registration system.
  3. The first time you visit the site, you will need to create an account.  Follow the prompts to enter your family and dancers.Once you enter your information and enter in information for your dancers, you will be brought to the main screen.  Here, there are a couple things you can do:

    First, click on the “waiver” button.  Review the terms and click “I accept the terms and conditions”.  Dancers will not be able to take classes without a current waiver on file.

    If you forgot to enter a dancer in your family, or have any changes to a dancer in your family, click on “Manage Students”.  Here you can add students using the “Add Student” button at the top, or modify information for your student by clicking on their name.

    Classes for the summer are listed under the tab “Register for Classes”.   In Dance Studio Pro, classes will only show up if the student is eligible to take them (i.e. classes for ages 10+ will not show up for a student that is 6 years old).  Classes are listed by student.  While you are welcome to sign your dancer up for summer classes in the system, it is NOT required due to the class card summer system.  If you do sign your dancer up for classes, you won’t be charged anything – the classes are merely in the system for your information.


    For summer, we are doing class cards in lieu of regular tuition.  Click here for instructions on how class cards work and how to purchase them.  Class cards can be purchased from the “Dance Cards” icon.

    Camp fees are camp-specific and noted on our camp schedule.  The single camp amount is automatically posted to your account register when you register for the camp.  If you are registering for more than one camp in your family for the summer, please note and pay the multi-camp rate for your camps.  We will manually change the amount on your account to reflect that multi-camp discount.

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