School Information/Policies

Class Schedule

Please see the 2018-2019 Classes page for detailed information about this year’s schedule.



Please see the 2018-2019 Tuition and Payment Information page for detailed information about tuition payments.



30 days written notice is required for withdrawal.  Please  e-mail to request a withdrawal form.  Once withdrawal form is processed, account will be pulled from the automatic payment plan or post-dated checks will be destroyed or returned.  If written notice is not given and you stop attending class, your credit card will continue to be charged or your installment checks will continue to be cashed.  There will be no refunds of any tuition/fees.


Class Attire

In order to promote respect and discipline in all classes, all dancers are subject to the following dress code.  Students who do not comply with dress code will not be permitted to dance his/her class. Dress code will be enforced beginning in the 3rd week of each new session.

All classes

For your/your child’s safety, please do not wear any shoes that have fabric/slippery bottoms or that do not have straps to hold them on.

Hair must be pulled back and off of the face.

Deodorant certainly should be used where necessary, but please do not wear perfume for class or performance – too much fragrance can make it difficult for others around you to breathe!

Hats, large or excessive jewelry, and other distracting articles are not appropriate.


Irish dancers should dress according to the code listed below.  For your convenience, school t-shirts and shorts, black dance skorts, poodle socks, and black tights are available for purchase through the studio store. (Any item not bearing the school logo may certainly be purchased elsewhere.)


  • Southern Academy t-shirt or tank top
  • Black shorts/skort/capri leggings
  • Black tights or White poodle socks

Novice and above:

  • Southern Academy tank top
  • Black shorts/skort/capri leggings
  • Black tights or White poodle socks

*Please note:

Where shorts are indicated, they should be of an appropriate, modest length – no “cheek-chillers” please – and should not have writing across the back.  If dancers choose to wear shorter shorts, tights must be worn underneath.

Students may wear sweat/pajama pants at the beginning of class for warm-up exercises only.

Irish dancing shoes are not required for beginners, but keep in mind that no street shoes will be permitted on any studio floors. Appropriate alternatives include ballet slippers or jazz oxfords.   Ghillies and/or hard shoes are required for all other Irish dancing students.



Observation/Class Etiquette

In order to avoid distractions, all dancers are expected to attend the entire class and parents and other observers are required to wait outside the class.  For Irish dance classes, blinds and/or doors will be opened during the last 10 minutes of class only.  Please wait for a staff member or student to open the doors/blinds.  All other dance classes will invite observers in for a full class, once a semester.  Instructors will announce those classes.  Any observers who interrupt the class in any way, including “coaching” their own child(ren), will be asked to leave.

No chewing gum/food is permitted in class at any time.  Polite/respectful behavior is expected at all times.  Instructors/staff members hold the right to dismiss students from their class(es) due to inappropriate or disruptive behavior.  Upon dismissal from class, a parent will be contacted and expected to pick up the student immediately.


Safety/Drop-Off/Pick Up

Parents should plan to drop off/pick up dancers from inside the studios.  Those parents who decide to drop off their children at the front door should watch their children until they have safely entered the building.  Parents picking up their children should instruct their children to stay within the facility until they see the parent and their vehicle; they will not be permitted to hang around outside the building. Upon dismissal, children under age 12 will not be released to walk out of the studios alone.


Schedule/Class cancellations

At least 2 weather/sick days are built into the yearly schedule.  It is not necessary to make up classes canceled by the Center staff as make-ups are and/or will be added into the schedule.  There will be no refunds/adjustments made for classes not attended.  You are encouraged to make up those classes missed by attending another class at your level or one level below; keep a copy of the current class schedule handy for reference.  While it is not necessary to obtain permission to make up a class, please call to let us know your intentions in case we need to notify you of any unexpected cancellations.

In general, our dance schedule follows the schedule of the public school systems.  In case of inclement weather, we will adhere to the decisions of the school system in which your class is located (Loudoun County for Dulles and Purcellville classes, Fauquier County for Warrenton classes, and Frederick County for Winchester classes).  When in doubt, check the studio facebook page.  In general, if schools are closed for the entire day, closed early, or afternoon/evening school activities are cancelled, there will be no class.  If there is a delayed opening, afternoon/evening classes will meet as scheduled.

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